Career Opportunities Available Join Our Team!

Feel empowered

Beacon strives to achieve the highest level of excellence and provide exceptional  service and care to the people in our community.  And to accomplish that, we rely on a team of brilliant, creative minds and caring hearts!  We value talented people and understand that the same people need the opportunity to learn and develop their skills. We want to enable our team members to work to their strengths and help them positively  impact our community.

Love what you do

We’re more than “just getting the job done.” Beacon staff dedicate themselves to our mission of helping people and improving lives, and help make our community a better place to live. Our people are among some of the most dedicated and exceptional service providers you’ll find anywhere. They wholeheartedly support their communities and their fellow colleagues.

We believe this makes Beacon the best place to launch your career.

Build your career

Beacon is not an ordinary workplace. When you join the Beacon team, you’re joining 250 staff and 600 volunteers who are on the forefront of making a massive impact in their local communities. We offer the opportunity to work in different roles, in multiple different areas, all within one organization.

Enjoy where you live

Our people have been serving the Greater Victoria area for over 40 years and we love it here. There’s no other place in Canada quite like this. With moderate temperatures, beautiful west coast views, and some of the most famous provincial and national parks, you cannot go wrong naming the Victoria area your home.

Not only is Victoria known as the City of Gardens, it is also home to a number of craft breweries, making it BC’s craft brewery capital. We also enjoy an abundance of locally run restaurants that focus on serving wonderful, locally grown produce, farmers’ markets, and cultural events. Whether you like art, live theatre, music, or celebrating multi-culturalism at Filipino, Greek, Chinese, First Nations (or other) events – you’ll find it here!

Do you like sports?  Thanks to our mild temperatures, we can use our sports equipment year-round:  many Beacon staff love to golf, skateboard or cycle, even in December. But we’re also just a short drive from some of Canada’s best winter skiing. And we’re surrounded by world-class spots for diving, surfing, swimming, boating, camping and hiking.

No wonder we’ve been voted one of the world’s top places to visit. Once you’re here, you are going to LOVE where you live and work!

About our benefits

At Beacon, we’re committed to supporting the well-being of our staff and their families.

We’re pleased to partner with local fitness providers and recreation centres so that staff can benefit from access to affordable, professional and fun health and wellness services.

All our staff are also invited to enjoy our annual Staff Appreciation Dinner and to participate in fun activities such as Beacon’s workplace community fundraisers, BBQs, and other events. We hold training sessions on various topics and offer access to a robust library of online materials on topics for work, general interest or to support well-being.

Our Regular staff also receive a comprehensive benefits package — including extended health and dental care plans and employer contributions toward retirement.