Children, Youth & Family Support

Children, Youth & Family Support

Building Connection

Cultivating Connection & Emotional Wellness

Our emphasis on building relationships with self and others while being in a community that cares underscores the importance of our services. In challenging times, support is readily available for Peninsula residents, whether the focus be on the needs of children, youth, family or adults. Services are offered on both an individual or group basis. Our services streams include outreach and support as well as ongoing early years programming opportunities.

Outreach & Support Services

At Beacon, we are dedicated to providing timely response-based support to Peninsula children, youth and families. We are here to assist with fostering positive outcomes that promote emotional wellness, be it through local programming or by linking you to the most appropriate resource for the services you are seeking.

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Jeneece Place: A Home for Families with Sick Children

On behalf of the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, Beacon operates Jeneece Place as a home away from home for sick kids’ families. Day use is also available when children are receiving medical care—families are welcome to access the home’s shower, laundry facility, games and activity area and media room.

Who We Help
  • checkmark icon Pregnant women who need to be close to the Victoria General Hospital
  • checkmark icon Families of children and youth in the Capital Regional District whose multiple hospital trips are adding to the stress of an already difficult situation
  • checkmark icon Families with children 19 years old and under wishing to visit a parent who is a patient at Victoria General Hospital
  • checkmark icon Priority is given to those who are hospitalized for surgery or serious illness

Complex Behaviour

If a child or youth has special needs, complex behaviours or is suspected of having FASD, key worker services are available to assist the child and family. A key worker can help explore ways to create positive experiences and meaningful engagement, leading to success rather than frustration for everyone involved.

Beacon provides these services from Sooke to Sidney to Salt Spring Island, as well as connections to additional resources tailored to your family’s specific needs and experiences.

Referrals: Professional or self-referral to a Beacon FASD Keyworker.

How We Help
  • checkmark icon Discuss approaches that work for the family and the child
  • checkmark icon Stabilize the family unit
  • checkmark icon Create personalized strategies that help people with complex behaviours and/or FASD feel successful at home, at school and in the community
  • checkmark icon Assist families with accessing community resources and information systems
  • checkmark icon Collaborate with other professional to aid in the child’s on-going success

Saanich Peninsula Restorative Justice

Restorative justice serves as an alternative to the court system, stepping in when local police, school administrators or Crown Counsel identify that harm has occurred in our community due to crime or conflict.

How We Help

As facilitators, we organize Restorative Justice Conferences, uniting affected parties to promote accountability, reparation, healing and successful reintegration. Our program is community-based, operated by trained and experienced volunteers dedicated to restorative justice practices.

Wellness and Me

The “Wellness and Me” program fosters meaningful connections among participants while guiding them in exploring various avenues of healthy expression and self-care. Through engaging activities and supportive interactions, children have the opportunity to develop vital social skills, build positive relationships with their peers and cultivate practices that promote their overall well-being.

How We Help
  • checkmark icon Services are offered to children attending Deep Cove and Keating Elementary in School District 63
  • checkmark icon Referrals to attend are through School District 63  and signed off by the family

Services for Adults & Seniors

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