Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer Your Time

Make an Impact

Volunteers are Our Foundation

At Beacon, we embrace the transformative power of giving back. Explore diverse volunteer opportunities to make a meaningful impact in the community, whether supporting vulnerable populations, contributing to local events or sharing your unique skills.

Get Started

Our volunteer opportunities are not limited to those listed below. If you have a great idea or a skill you would like to share, please contact us!

Become a Volunteer
  • checkmark icon 1. Apply
    You can apply online or pick up an application at the SHOAL Centre at 10030 Resthaven Dr. in Sidney.
  • checkmark icon 2. Interview
    Next, you’ll have an interview with the Manager of Volunteer Engagement.
  • checkmark icon 3. Get a Criminal Record Check
    We will send you a link with a code to complete this online.
  • checkmark icon 4. Orientation
    As soon as you are able, general orientation happens with the volunteer manager, and role-based training happens with our staff member directly overseeing your involvement.
  • checkmark icon 5. Part of the Team
    You’ll be scheduled for your first shift!

Youth Engagement Program

The Youth Engagement Program (YEP) provides youth ages 13–18 in School District 63 with volunteer and work experience opportunities. YEP partners with a number of diverse community groups to provide youth volunteers for community events and programs—many involving an intergenerational component, such as volunteering at SHOAL Centre events.

Program Benefits
  • checkmark icon Opportunity for life experience and skill building
  • checkmark icon Promotes accessibility and inclusiveness
  • checkmark icon Available to youth of all abilities
  • checkmark icon Receive mentorship and support 
  • checkmark icon Free to participate

Ways to Volunteer

  • Advocacy Services chevron-down icon
  • Assisted Living & Dementia Care chevron-down icon
  • Family & Friends Caregiver Support Program  chevron-down icon
  • Computer Lab Support chevron-down icon
  • Medical Drives chevron-down icon
  • Drive Desk Intake & Scheduling chevron-down icon
  • Gardeners & Handy People chevron-down icon
  • Income Tax Preparation chevron-down icon
  • Reassurance Phone Calls chevron-down icon
  • Reception/Information & Referral Services chevron-down icon
  • Saanich Peninsula Restorative Justice chevron-down icon
  • Senior Peer 1 to 1 Support chevron-down icon
  • SHOAL Centre Support Team chevron-down icon
  • Thrift Shops chevron-down icon
  • Volunteer Visitors chevron-down icon

“For me, volunteering at Beacon brings me a sense of purpose and contribution to my community, while building meaningful connections and making a positive impact on the residents’ environment. Through our discussions, all residents offer their valuable wisdom, insights and life experiences. I really enjoy every visit!”

Ikhlass B., Volunteer

“As a volunteer medical driver for Beacon, I’m able to give back to my community in a very practical, meaningful and helpful way. The seniors that I drive are so grateful for this service, and so pleased to have someone come and pick them up at their home, that each experience is truly rewarding to me.”

Rob M., Volunteer

“Beacon Community Services was recommended to me by a medical associate who felt exposure to the community would be a good thing for my mental health. Discovering the SHOAL Centre has been a blessing! The staff and other volunteers bring such joy to the environment that I find my volunteering hours at the Centre go by so quickly.”

Dulcie B., Volunteer

“It has been such a joy for me to be volunteering with SHOAL. I live in a Beacon building myself and have loved woodworking for most of my life. It’s been almost five years of fun and enjoyment at the SHOAL Workshop and I’ll keep doing it until I can no longer do so. They bring a smile to my face and I hope I bring one to theirs also.”

Robert D., Volunteer

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