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Beacon’s Youth Engagement Program – YEP!

The Youth Engagement Program (YEP) is a community-sponsored program which provides volunteer, work, and learning opportunities for School District #63 students who are 13 to 17 years old. YEP students can choose what aspects of the program they would like to participate in, as well as their level of participation.

Perks of Becoming a Beacon YEP Student:

  • Gain invaluable experience completing meaningful work and volunteer hours
  • Build the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to succeed in personal and professional endeavors
  • Boost your résumé
  • Increase your eligibility for scholarships and college/university admissions
  • Build community connections and inter-generational relationships
  • Register for certificate courses for free or at a reduced cost
  • Receive support creating and working towards your career goals

For more information – contact 250-656-5537 or


YEP Programming

Learn more about upcoming opportunities and other YEP news by viewing the latest program flyers and newsletters here!

Paid Opportunities

YEP Taskers

14 to 17 year old YEP students can view and accept paid tasks requested by members of your community. Clients, tasks, and jobsites are all vetted by a Job Coach prior to being released to students, ensuring your safety. The YEP Taskers program complies with provincial employment standards, including minimum wage and daily minimum pay. Current and previous tasks have included: lawn mowing, gardening, indoor cleaning, computer help, pet care, painting, and more. Tasks may be one-time, or ongoing.

YEP Jobs

YEP will send out exciting job opportunities we receive from various businesses in the community, and help students find jobs they are interested in.

Volunteer Opportunities

Shadowing/Volunteer Assistant Program

Learn more about jobs you are interested in and build career-specific skills by shadowing or volunteering as an assistant with community partners. This exciting initiative is availability dependent, and we are always looking for more people in our community to partner with!

Event Volunteering

Help out at local events such as the Brentwood Bay Festival, the Peninsula Country Market, and events catered by the Lions Club Lunchbox, including the July 1st Pancake Breakfast!

Face Painting

Receive face painting training and face paint at community events.

Gardening Group

Receive gardening training from experts while volunteering at Beacon’s Dementia Care Homes: Brentwood or Sluggett House.

Social Media Content Creation

Manage a professional social media page and create content for YEP (and other) accounts!

Recycling Team

Create activities and resources to help others learn how to recycle! The Recycling Team is currently working on reducing landfill waste and creating educational recycling resources for kids and other market-goers at the Peninsula Country Market. 

Training and Support

First Aid and FOODSAFE Training

Take Emergency First Aid with CPR-C and FOODSAFE Level 1 training at a reduced cost.

Retail Training

We hope to offer our free Retail Training Course again, starting Fall 2023. Learn more about the Retail Training Course here.

Drop-In Support

Need help sending an email, or making a phone call? Want feedback on your résumé, or to practice your interview skills? Have an idea for a community event, or to fill a need in the community? Email to set up an appointment or check out the drop-in schedule (TBA).


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3 Ways to Apply to YEP

To get the application form, click here

  1. Fill in the online application form and email it to

If you need to print the form to sign, or to fill it in:

  1. Upload the completed form and email it to or
  2. Drop completed forms off at the Reception Desk at the SHOAL Centre (10030 Resthaven Drive, Sidney, BC).


Looking for volunteers, or hoping to support YEP?

YEP is always looking for community partners to work with, and for adult volunteers who can support the program! For more information, please email


For more information – contact 250-656-5537 or